Bachelor Management English Track

Initial training
1 year of higher studies or 60 ECTS
9 500€

Of Bachelor Management English Track

This Bachelor Management English Track is intended for students willing to get a sound knowledge of international management.


The international perspective of business is declined on a three dimension basis:

  • French culture, heritage, and savoir-faire
  • Europe as a central business focus, including aspects of integration, cooperation, and cross-cultural experience
  • Worldwide exposure: learning and practicing management techniques that are internationally used, which are rooted in classic and innovative academic research


All our courses combine fundamental management theories taught by our permanent research faculty and business experts, carefully selected by our Pedagogical Committee, with real business learning: companies experiences, best practices collected from our experts, field trips and one semester abroad (at the end of the third year). The program bases itself in three main competences for the student: knowledge (including concepts, laws, and norms), practice (methods and procedures), and self-adaptation to different situations.


Objectives and advantages


After having finished high school, you are about to enter the business world as a student on an international and competitive setting. Part of this process includes a deep self-development that this School will help you to achieve throughout your Bachelor's path.

In 2 years, this Bachelor intends you to:

  • Discover and express your potential fully, fostering creative thinking and providing tools for you to articulate tradition and heritage into new business models
  • Experience a global environment: an international focus and the cultural richness of multicultural experiences offer the proper context for developing leading skills in a complex world
  • Learn the necessary know-how for a future manager-level career: scientific methods and real business cases provide an in-depth learning of analytical and decision tools


This innovative Bachelor will take you along in a journey in today’s business challenges. To foster this business knowledge, you will:

  • Have general management courses always under the light of the international scope
  • Deepen your language skills with a special focus on the growing centers of the international trade (Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish)
  • Be prepared to the TOEFL score as early as your 2nd Year
  • Get a more applied knowledge with a choice of electives in your third year
  • Be embedded in different cultures with visits whether historically or business oriented, field trip in a major European center, and a semester abroad




This Bachelor Management English Track will give you the skills expected from the 4.0 companies, namely:

  • Behavioral Skills

Beyond a very important sense of responsibilities, you will develop autonomy, initiative, openness and ability to propose new ideas.

  • Professional Skills

In addition to the electives your will choose, you will be able to:

  • Define strategic orientations
  • Address the stakeholders expectations
  • Lead a team
  • Apprehend the international development of a business


Diploma Recognition:

This Bachelor Management English Track prepares you to obtain the certified title RNCP II (- 6 Européen, code NSF 310m , paru au JO du 19 juillet  2017) delivered by FORMATIVES «  Responsable opérationnel(le) de Gestion » (Operational Manager)





  • Social Networks and marketing
  • Applied Business math systems
  • IT systems, coding and artificial intelligence
  • Fundamentales of financial analysis
  • Cost Accounting
  • Econometrics and Bug Data
  • Commercial law
  • Start-Up Project
  • Business and Econmic Intelligence
  • Marketing research
  • Innovation and disruptive technology
  • Stock market lab
  • Personal development
  • ....




  • HR Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Games
  • Measuring Performance
  • International Carreer
  • Corporate and Marketing Communication
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Valorization
  • Sectoral Finance
  • International commerce techniques
  • International consumer behavior
  • Team Management
  • Internship
  • ....



Stephane METRAL – Bachelor Program Director


A graduate from Toulouse University as well as IESE Business School in Spain. Stephane started his career in the Consumer Electronics industry on international markets as sales and marketing Manager for Panasonic before setting-up and leading the renewable energy division of the well-known Samsung conglomerate.


Having shifted to Green Finance, he now provides operational & strategic consulting for sustainable development and climate, aiming to finance renewable energy projects for Asian and European public or private institutions for the transition to a climate-neutral economy.


Stephane is an appointed Financial Expert for the European Commission.


Besides, he set up, as a founding partner, a private equity and M&A boutique in Madrid focused on Small and Medium Enterprises to engage and develop a sustainable industrial ecosystem in Europe.


He joined ESLSCA in October 2019, and was appointed Program Director the following year. Stephane’s teaching covers most disciplines involved in finance, management and strategy; he strongly believes that the key to success in international business is cultural openness together with a strong focus on a people-centered approach.


  • To continue graduate studies with the specialized MBA, to foster your skills
  • Enter the business world on a junior level



The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the year: from January to December.


The selection is made on CV and questionnaire of candidature, followed by an interview.



Conditions of admission :

  • 2nd Year entry: 1 year of higher studies or 60 ECTS
  • 3rd Year entry: 2 years of higher studies or 120 ECTS
  • A good English level is required, no specific score is required but you will be tested during your admission interview