Our academic partners

The Originality of IFAM's program is linked on its conception based on the encounter between the American model and the European model. IFAM provides to students a unique vision of the business world: the business aspect (American model) and the management aspect with the questions of leadership (European model).

The first three years "BBA" allows students to avoid any repetition of course upon their arrival in the United States. In the same way, their acclimatization to the American system and to particularisms is facilitated.


As part of the MBA, IFAM conlude agreements with several prestigious US universities:



Pace University

Pace University (New-York)


Suffolk University

Suffolk University (Boston)


Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University (Michigan)

University of Dallas

University of Dallas (Texas)


Northeastern University

Northeastern University (Boston)


Bryant College

Bryant College (Rhode Island)

California University

CLU (Californie)




We also developed active cacademic partnerships :

- Belgrade : in partnership with the BBA program

- Bar (Montenegro) : in partnership with the BBA program

- Lodz (Poland) : in partnership with the MBA program


Others partnerships are also open to our students in Japan, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Chaina, India, Kazakhstan, Russia…


Ifam also offers a summer session with Sofia University in Tokyo. which enables our students to experiment Japanese management environment.


IFAM is present in Rabat, Morocco with its partner IPIATE with a BBA specialized in Marketing & Communication, a 1 year program specialized in Marketing & Communication and a MSc in Strategic Maketing.