International Research Workshop at ESLSCA Business School Paris today

Transforming Business and Consumer Research



Strategically, we all constantly want to improve our businesses and lives in so many ways. But do we really know the key drivers behind successful transformations? Are we aware of the role of human behavior in determining our chances to achieve permanent changes for good? This workshop will expand beliefs about ways how emerging digital innovations can transform businesses and consumer research already today. This workshop blends science and practice to help gaining a richer understanding on how business and self-transformation work, what are applicable strategies, and what novel technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain) are effectively facilitating change process. This knowledge is applicable in multiple domains, including business, governance, health, sexuality, sustainability, education, safety, security, equality, economy, and more.



This International Research Workshop at the ESLSCA Business School Paris aims to open conversation and inviting interdisciplinary research to address the “Transforming Business and Consumer Research” topic through presentations and round tables.



    • Philippe Baumard  (CV)
    • Agnis Stibe  (CV)
    • Maria Carolina Zanette (CV)
    • Emily Shu (CV)
  • University of Osnabrueck, Germany:
    • Nicolai Krüger (CV)



  • Transforming Business Innovations
  • Transforming Wellbeing Theory
  • Consulting Business Models
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Governmentality
  • Gender Studies



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