Transforming Business Course at ESLSCA: Advanced Neurological Decision-Making


Recent research has discovered our brains arrive with compromised subconscious decision-making algorithms that generate far less than optimal outcomes. Artificial Intelligence designers are bypassing these drawbacks, which will result in AI being able to outperform executives’ decision-making. 


“It’s not hopeless,” says Professor Mike Kilgore, international mentor and business executive in Florida. “Brains can be transformed too, and we are doing exactly that at ESLSCA Business School Paris. Perfecting subconscious neurological, and conscious reasoning decision-making strategies are essential. In everything we do there are decisions to be made. When decisions are improved, EVERYTHING improves!” 


Professor Kilgore was on campus May 27th to attend the last class in his first course with us in the Transforming IMBA program directed by the ESLSCA professor Agnis Stibe. Interviewed students said in several ways, the course was powerfully transforming, interesting, and fun. They clearly believe their learnings will profoundly change the course of their lives bringing them far higher success and financial rewards. They agreed that an IMBA degree will open doors, but only the quality of their decisions and dedication will move them to the top!