Transforming Consumer Behavior - Final Student Presentations


Rapid technological evolution not only enables advanced innovations to emerge, but also requires to reconsider their effects on consumers. With novel technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and autonomy, life changing transformations are inevitable. This course at ESLSCA Business School Paris provides principles that are applicable for creating novel technologies that go beyond solely improving their own performance, thus assisting in Transforming Consumer Behavior (TCB). 


The TCB course unifies knowledge about designing transforming technologies for influencing consumer behavior. It explains how technological innovations can go beyond limitations of traditional behavioral design and change management. To succeed with these challenges, innovators have to be mindful about human nature playing important role in every transformation. 


The course is designed to advance skills and knowledge so that students will be empowered to professionally define cases for transformation, to design various types of engagement through social media and mobile interaction, and to use socio-psychological theories and new design concepts to alter consumer behavior at scale.


Transforming Consumer Behavior course is designed and delivered by Agnis Stibe - Professor of Transformation - Director of the International MBA program with Transforming Perspective at ESLSCA Business School Paris and Founder at TRANSFORMS.ME