Transforming Organizational Life Conference - April the 17



ESLSCA Business School Paris organizes a special Conference with the main topic " Transforming Organizational Life - Persuasive Era and Wellbeing » April the 17 from 6 pm to 8 pm.


Our current time requires high degree of agility and broad open-minded thinking to advance in line with fast-paced technological evolution and global changes.


Why Transforming? Because changes today happen very fast and that speed will only accelerate with time. Such increasing pressure naturally effects all areas of our lives, including the ways we are doing business, especially on the global scale. Therefore, this event is tailored for professionals and students to become efficient leaders of transformation in organizations and beyond.


In this event, you will acquire and share knowledge that are essential for global leadership and growth management in our world that is increasingly manifesting its cross-border nature and multi-cultural mentality.


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