Transforming Organizational Life - Find all the information about the last conference of Agnis Stibe

This ESLSCA Business School Paris conference took the participants on a unique journey into the transforming future of international business administration. It demonstrated how the current times requires high degree of agility and broad open-minded thinking to advance in line with fast-paced technological evolution and global changes.


Why Transforming? Because changes today happen very fast and that speed will only accelerate with time. Such increasing pressure naturally affects all areas of our lives, including the ways we are doing business, especially on the global scale. Therefore, this event was tailored for professionals and students to become efficient leaders of transformation in organizations and beyond.


In the conference, the participants acquired novel insights that are essential for global leadership and growth management in our world that is increasingly manifesting its cross-border nature and multi-cultural mentality. In line with the ESLSCA International MBA program with Transforming Perspective, this conference addressed the following questions:

  • What is transformation?
  • Why transformation is inevitable for organizational sustainability?
  • How technological innovations can enable business transformation?
  • How to apply sociotechnical design in corporations?
  • What role plays human change in successful organizations?
  • How to gain competitive advantage by embracing transformative culture?


Majority of global problems and business challenges directly stem from and are driven by poor human attitude and behavior. Often people look for and find reasons outside themselves for why we have such environmental issues and weakly performing organizations. People, communities, societies, businesses, organizations, industries, basically everyone needs help with transformations. Many people want to change, but we also know how often our new year's resolutions end in February. People tend to perceive changes as something difficult, impossible, and mystical, thus are willing to avoid them. Such attitude naturally leads to poorer decisions and consequent behavioral outcomes for societies and organizations.


This ESLSCA Business School Paris conference summarized the state-of-the-art scientific insights and practical applications to improve lives and transform businesses at global scale. This science-driven work demystified transformation by introducing:

  • Transforming Wellbeing Theory – that explains the essentials of and the inevitable need for global transformations,
  • Typology of Change – that clarifies the variety of changes and provides ways to consciously separate them,
  • Transforming Framework – that contains 8 applicable tools for businesses and societies to use immediately, and
  • Transforming Sociotech Design – that bends technological innovations with human nature to empower sustainable changes at scale.

Due to its scientific richness and practical nature, the conference content is applicable in many essential life contexts, including global business, leadership, health, wellbeing, innovation, autonomy, commercialization, education, diversity, culture, sustainability, automation, equality, social change, governance, safety, art, emergency, management, marketing, dwelling, ecology, economy, and more.


The conference speakers:

Prof. Agnis STIBE – Director of the International MBA program with Transforming Perspective and Professor of Transformation at ESLSCA Business School Paris. He is a global thought leader on science-driven transformation and a founder of TRANSFORMS.ME. At ESLSCA, he advances work on designing sustainable transformations towards wellbeing and accelerated businesses. At the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he established research on Persuasive Cities that encourage healthy and sustainable living. He believes that our world can become a better place through purposefully designed innovative spaces and experiences that successfully blend technological advancements with human nature. He has worked for Fortune 100 companies, including Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. He has received multiple prestigious awards, including MIT Media Lab (USA) and Nokia Foundation (Finland). He proudly serves on several advisory boards, such as Attitude on Health at Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing (Australia) and ETH Library Lab (Switzerland). His work is an outstanding example and firm evidence on how science can help transforming life. His TEDx talks continue gaining global popularity.


Prof. Philippe BAUMARD – Research Dean at ESLSCA Business School Paris and Professor at the French National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM). His work involves learning, in adverse situations, the strategic models of resilience and innovation. Author of ninety scientific articles, of twelve books, he is also Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Higher Council for Training and Strategic Research. He won the national innovation competition I-Lab 2013 and CMI 2014.