The Associations


ESLSCA has more than 8 associations with numerous projects.

ESLSCA is a place of training and education leading to a real qualification and professionalization, but it is also a place of exchange, sharing and commitment in civic, cultural and sports activities.

ESlSCA Business School Paris encourages its students to take initiatives in order to develop and stimulate their experience and commitment through social, environmental, cultural and sports projects.

The various projects are reflected in the existence of numerous student associations


The Bureau des Etudiants (BDE)


The Bureau des Etudiants (BDE) sets the pace for student life both on and off campus. Thanks to the BDE and the events it proposes, students are more easily integrated while establishing a cohesion within the school. The BDE proposes many events and animations within the school but also parties such as the integration party or the gala.

The Bureau des Arts (BDA)

Logo BDA

The Bureau Des Arts (BDA) brings you a reflection on the world. Indeed, the BDA is an association that creates artistic and cultural events. This association proves to us, thanks to the events it proposes (plays, concerts, etc.) that art and the professional world are two things that can be perfectly reconciled.

The Bureau des Sports (BDS)


The Bureau des Sports (BDS) is the sports association for the students of ESLSCA Business School Paris. The BDS has a catalog of sports for all those who want to practice a sport, at reduced costs, while developing social ties,


Logo Association Promo

ESLSCA PROMO is an association whose purpose is to promote ESLSCA Business School Paris.

The Junior Entreprise (JE)


The Junior Entreprise (JE) is there to accompany professionals in the realization of a project. This association functions like a company, on the model of a consulting firm. It allows students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, to create a network of professional contacts, to facilitate their future professional insertion or to enrich their experience with the acquisition of responsibilities.



ESLSCA AU FÉMININ is the association which carries the voice of women through several actions and events designed to promote the values and status of women,

The Bureau de Vie Internationale (BVI)

The Bureau de Vie Internationale (BVI) is an association whose goal is to introduce you to all the cultures represented. The OIL has values such as integration, discovery, and living together,



ESLSCA INITIATIVES is an association whose goal is to help people in difficulty through mutual aid, support and sharing. The association sets up many actions in order to raise awareness of a maximum of students on many causes,