Bachelor’s degrees

The two bachelor’s degrees of the ESLSCA Business School, the BBA: Bachelor’s of Business Administration (created in 1998) and Bachelor’s of Finance program are both accessible with a high school diploma.


  • Bachelor’s degrees

    • Bachelor in Business Administration

      The Academic Board of the Bachelor in Business Administration program takes pride in offering you the American method of education based on personal attention and active classroom interaction. We strive to create a learning environment that blends theoretical knowledge with professional practice, and fosters an understanding and appreciation of diversity in light of today’s fast-changing world. Read more

    • Bachelor’s of Finance

      The finance profession inscreasingly requires specific skills and requires its actors to demonstrate a level of adaptability and multidisciplinarity that current trainings do not offer.

      The Bachelor’s of Finance not only offers deep technical content; it also teaches students to think critically. This will allow them to understand, anticipate and manage complex situations, in which technical challenges are added to political and societal ones.

       Read more