Business Ties

A recent ESLSCA/IPSOS survey confirmed this: companies want more professional and young, operational individuals. This is why in-house internships complement our educational approach and play an essential role in our training offer.


The ESLSCA Business School Paris is committed to working hand in hand with companies. Seen as a true partnership, the school is actively involved in training future students in managerial positions. We are convinced that know-how makes a difference, and it is important to convey important values ​​such as receptiveness and open-mindedness to the world of tomorrow, along with respect and a taste for entrepreneurship.







Through our partnership with an HR consulting firm, we offer students and companies – as part of sandwich courses – courses that are in line with business needs and culture. A CV screening process is available to suggest students who meet the requirements of the given company.


The firm will also be in charge of facilitating the integration of the student into the organization by giving him/her the elements that are essential to the success of the company’s project.


For all requests concerning the integration of a student into your company, please send us an e-mail to


As for students, the alumni network (made up of 15,000 alumni) is an excellent way to kick-start a career and find internships in a wide array of companies during the training.