Certificate - Technical AnalysisCertficate - Mastery of Technical Analysis on Financial Markets

PRESENTIAL : March 22, 2021 / ONLINE : May 31, 2021
Certifying training in presential or online
No prerequisite
Présentiel : 5170€ TTC / Online : 3500€ TTC


In the vast world of financial analysis, technical analysis (TA) is a discipline that is still too unknown in France, although it is well established in most of the world's major financial centers, especially Anglo-Saxons. It is often opposed to fundamental analysis, but its own usefulness today cannot be ruled out, particularly in light of new stock market paradigms.


TA is a method of understanding the markets that is based on studying past charts of price movements to predict future direction. To do this, many indicators or other theories are made available to market participants. Starting from the obvious principle that in stock market matters, no exact science can be validated, TA, while it can't be considered a panacea nonetheless remains a very relevant discipline. One of the objectives of this Certification will therefore be to be convinced of this.


The question of methodology arises. This methodology must respond to two major issues:


  1. How to use technical analysis ?
    The systematic approach in time-scaling (analysis by different temporalities), the perception of trends, the psychology of the market through the tools or indicators specific to this approach ar the bases to be deepened.
  2. How to have good money management thanks to technical analysis ?
    Risk management invitably involves setting up a stop-loss system to liit losses, but also throug setting realistic goals through various processes.


Despite many detractors, its widespread use testifies to the place it occupies in the world of finance. Knowledge in technical analysis now seems necessary for all financial market professionals. Indeed, it leads to a new approach on the understanding of the markets, by not focusing on the fundamentals, but rather on the psychology of the operators and the inevitable recurrence of the famous “patterns”.


Between chartism and its many figures, the many indicators, Japanese candlesticks, Elliott waves… what to choose?


This comprehensive training will combine theories and practical applications to demonstrate the surprising predictive power of technical analysis, as well as its effectiveness in risk management.





This certificate is intended for professionals in the finance professions or anyone with an interest for approaching financial markets through a technical / graphic perspective.



Acquisition of basic concepts:


Introduction to Technical Analysis - Monday March 22, 2021

  • The basic assumptions
  • General definition - genesis and evolution: Dow theory
  • The different time horizons and graphic representations
  • Put into practice: Dow and the trend


Fundamentals of Technical Analysis - Tuesday 23 t Wednesday 24 March 2021

  • Graphical analysis: trends, supports and resistance, the main continuation and reversal figures, gaps and their significance
  • Filters: moving averages, interpretation and setting
  • Technical indicators: bounded, unbounded, hybrid, volatility, volume and their interpretation
  • Japanese candlesticks
  • Learn to use Bloomberg tools - ProRealTime - HighWave360
  • Practice: determining the trend, overbought / oversold situations, breakouts



Elliott Wave Theory - Thursday April 15 and Friday April 16, 2021

  • The basics of the theory: presentation of the Elliottist count and cycles
  • Deepening: the importance of overlaps, wave characteristics and complex consolidations
  • Practices: Elliottist count and anticipations


Combine graphical analysis and technical indicators - Wednesday, May 19, 2021

  • Choose the relevant combinations
  • Build and test a trading system (position entry and exit, backtests, risk / return ratio, MaxDrawDown, Sharpe Ratio)
  • Practice: establish a paper-trading on the basis of a trading system, backtest a trading system


Trader psychology and money-management - Thursday, May 20, 2021

  • Definition of money management: define an objective and a level of risk
  • Determine a plan and manage it until the position closure
  • Behavioral Finance responses: behavioral biases that disrupt our decision-making
  • Putting it into practice: taking a position in real time and managing stress


AT & derivatives, different asset classes:

Derivatives and applications via TA - Friday May 21, 2021

  • Presentation of the different products available on the market: vanilla, exotic and cash products (Turbos, Leverage / Short, Warrants or other certificates (trackers / ETF)
  • Explanation and use of leverage through TA
  • Practices: the cash and derivative relationship in the context of a "technical" trade


Technical analysis of the different asset classes - Thursday June 24, 2021

  • Bonds, stocks, Forex, commodities, active cryptos
  • Intermarket / cross-asset technical analysis
  • Top-down and global macro method (study of relative strength)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Practice: build and manage an asset allocation, cross assets analyzes

Conclusion - Friday June 25, 2021

  • Analysis of the market situation
  • Finding opportunities and making decisions
  • Evaluation of the different scenarios
  • Communicate your analyzes (vocable and phrasing)
  • Practices: simulation, determination of objectives / risks, stress management


Volume - 10 days or 70 hours




  • Acquire the theoretical skills of Technical Analysis of financial markets
  • Be able to put into practice the tools of Technical Analysis in order to invest in the financial markets
  • Build a method based on graphic / technical tools and test its effectiveness
  • Understand the software environment of Technical Analysis (Bloomberg - ProRealTime - HighWave360)
  • Learn to master position management and its psychological biases



Official mentions


  • Official title appearing on the diploma: Certificat de compétence
  • Registered RNCP: 34 338 BLOC 2 Réaliser l’analyse technique des produits financiers et indices de référence
  • NSF codes: 313 Finance Banque Assurances Immobilier
  • ROME code: M1207 - Trésorerie et financement M1201 - Analyse et ingénierie financière C1302 - Gestion back et middle-office marchés financiers C1301 - Front office marchés financiers


This certificate is fully contained in Title RNCP 34338 Niveau 7 « Expert des Marchés et Instruments financiers ». It will provide professional training in all aspects of Fundamental Financial Analysis and Technical Analysis BLOCK 2 of Title RNCP 34338.




  • Marc DAGHER, CEO DT Expert, Master Market Finance, Paris Dauphine
  • David FURCAJQ, CEO HighWave Capital, Sciences-Po Paris



10 days

  • March 22, 23 and 24, 2021

  • April 15 and 16, 2021

  • May 19, 20 and 21, 2021

  • June 24 and 25, 2021