Finance Education

In our finance training courses, we address specific topics with expert speakers. The primary objective is to deepen professional knowledge with training adapted to the business challenges of companies.

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Certificate - Bourse-Trading : Technical analysis of financial markets


This certificate is aimed at finance professionals or anyone with an interest in approaching financial markets from a technical/graphical perspective. The aim is to acquire the skills of technical analysis on the financial markets, from theoretical acquisition to practical application.

  • Mars - Octobre 2024
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Certificate - Mastering the blockchain and Web3


Depuis la crise des Subprimes de 2008 et les différents accidents et délits sur les marchés financiers, une impérieuse nécessité de Maitrise des Opérations Financières est apparue. La cryptographie via la blockchain semble être la réponse adaptée à cette problématique.

Dans ce contexte de transformation numérique, l’ESLSCA Business School Paris créée une formation certifiante online pour tout apprenant désirant acquérir une expertise dans le domaine de la Blockchain et des Cryptomonnaies.

  • Hybride
  • April 2023

Executive MBA Online Trading


This Executive MBA Trading is entirely devoted to mastering financial instruments in the broad sense. It alsohighlights withTrading strategies & Alternative investmentand with a focus on its practical implementation in the UnitedStates.

The diploma relies on both ESLSCA teachers, who will place in perspective the theoretical and conceptual aspects, and practitioners, who are experts in their field, in order to connect the training to the reality of the markets and the daily issues faced in the country.


  • Online
  • January

Online Executive MBA in Financial Markets and Risk Management


The Online Executive MBA in Financial Markets and Risk Management is structured around modules created to emphasize key concepts, which represent professional standards in trading rooms, management teams, analysis departments and risk management.

The objective is therefore to combine theoretical concepts with a pragmatic approach, specifically by applying them through exercises and real-life scenarios created by expert faculty. It is not a question of acquiring “knowledge for knowledge’s sake”, as is far too often the case, but teaching what is actually seen, done and practiced in the industry of financial markets. The course’s 340 hours are strongly rooted in the industry context, which is constantly innovating and becoming more complex. The program aims firstly to reflect the professional reality as closely as possible and secondly to place emphasis on operational aspects, to respond to the expectations of both students and professionals keen to surround themselves with qualified resources.

  • Online
  • September 2023