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Marketing courses

The marketing sector is a constantly evolving sector. Keeping your skills up to date is therefore an essential criterion for promoting your competitive profile.

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Executive MBA Digital Transformation


Digitalization has affected all areas of society and the economy. In the new economy, entire business models are being revolutionized, working models and processes are changing. The opportunity for real growth, up to $20 trillion over the next five years by IDC estimates, combined with the threat of new, digitally savvy competitors is driving established enterprises to invest in digitally centric business models. Businesses and organizations increasingly need experts who can successfully manage the impact and functioning of the digital revolution and to actively shape the process of organizational transformation.

The Digital Transformation Diploma examines typical business models of the New Economy and their prerequisites for success. By communicating state-of-the-art knowledge combined with a strong practical relevance, the participants are enabled to become the driving force of digital transformation in their own company and to establish a leading culture characterized by corporate entrepreneurship.

  • Learn about the current and emerging digital technologies enabling radical improvements in business processes and innovation methodologies (Information and Related Technology Governance and Management, Architecture, Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, etc.…) and how to lead them within companies.
  • The diploma also addresses how data analytics and technologies used to disrupt sectors of the economy and transform business functions and develop results-focused innovation and transformation strategies.
  • Leading transformation and innovation and develop practical leadership skills to overcome organizational obstacles to innovation and to drive successful transformations within functions or businesses.

This Executive MBA Digital Transformation Online is in partnership with ESLSCA Egypt.

  • Online
  • May 2023

Executive MBA Online Premium Luxury and Design Management


This Executive MBA Premium Luxury & Design Management focuses on training students to become excellent Masters of Luxury & Design Management.

Essentially, this program establishes and advances all the crucial competencies that are necessary to every manager or professional who wants to work in this charming and challenging  business. Participants will learn how to preserve the Heritage of the Maison and to raise awareness to its high-demanding clientele.

  • Online
  • January

Why take a marketing course?

As a professional, taking a marketing course offers many advantages. In addition to increasing your knowledge of the field, these courses will also enable you to master the new tools of the sector in order to improve your job prospects and career opportunities. The social dimension of these programmes is also a crucial advantage as it provides opportunities to network with industry professionals.

Who are our marketing courses for?

Our programmes have been designed to be accessible to both professionals who want to gain new and advanced knowledge, and those who are new to the marketing industry and need a solid foundation.

What do our marketing courses consist of?

Our professional training courses are based on a foundation built around case studies and practical exercises.

We offer a range of programmes related to the subjects of digital transformation or business management in the luxury sector for example. Our marketing courses are offered in English.