The research of academic excellence and of quality of international openness has always been the priorities of IFAM. The School has been created in 1982 by Alain JOSEPH (ESCP school, Economic MBA, MBA Northwesterne Kellogg) also CEO of a Business School in Paris as one of the best ranked in France and by Marie-France Joseph, BA, MA et PhDC in Indiana University.


At the beginning, IFAM offers an innovative and unique program : 2 years in Paris and 1 year in United States to get the BBA program. Since 1982, IFAM signed agreement with partnership with Hartford University and North East University. Students from IFAM take the opportunities of an international academic experience and the dynamism of the school. They can get the Bachelor program in 3 academic years (insteads of 4 academic years in Uniteds States). This program allow to 1500 students to continue their studies in The United States.


In 1986, programs has envolved : IFAM develop one of the first MBA entirely in english in France with credits lessons mades by Uniteds States university. With this new option, ours students can get the BBA in United States or get the BBA in Paris and continue an MBA program in a partners University in United States.


Then, IFAM develop new partnership : Pace University (in New York City), Central Michigan University, Babson College, Suffolk University, Bryant College, University of Dallas, Temple University, University of San Diego…


After IFAM, some of our alumni has choose to be in one of the prestigious United State University : Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Darden University of Virginia, New York University, UCLA, Columbia University…


At the same time, IFAM has developped some partnership with european, asian, african schools institue (in Poland, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, India, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Russia..).


Today, IFAM are focuses on a program with 4 academic years :

  • 3 years for the BBA program in Paris
  • 1 year for the MBA program in Paris or in a partner universty in United States.


Our partner university in United States :

  • Northeastern University (Boston)
  • Pace University (New York)
  • Central Michigan University
  • Suffolk University (Boston)
  • Bryant College (Rhode Island)
  • University of Dallas
  • California Lutheran University (Californie)