Life in Paris

Art & culture

With its cultural heritage, Paris is considered one of the first cultural powers in the world. The city gave birth to several artists in the field of art, as well as historical figures that left their marks throughout the city. Paris gives visitors the chance to transport themselves to different moments in History, depending on the neighborhoods and various museums.


Paris offers a wide variety of cultural events with numerous exhibitions, concerts, operas, plays and thousands of events organized by the Parisians and other communities.


Paris is also known as “The City of Light” or “The city of love”. It represents the arts par excellence and demonstrates that art and culture are citizen rights. Paris makes its culture accessible to all. It is suited for all ages and all budgets. Offers of free events are very large and accessible to all. However, you should plan and buy tickets in advance. On the most part, local museums are free and national museums are free on the first Sunday of each month.









The French way of life

“Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” has been the standing motto of the French Republic since 1848. This lifestyle includes not only the arts, but also other disciplines.


Gastronomy, or Cuisine, is internationally recognized and rewarded thanks to Michelin stars. One can also enjoy many small cafés located in all corners of Paris, or a dinner in one of the capital’s largest restaurants.


Fashion is also rooted in Parisian life. One can go shopping in the large Champs Elysées boutiques, stroll in the big stores on Boulevard Haussmann, or get lost in the market of Saint Ouen. Paris also hosts the Fashion Week, representing major brands and figures of fashion, attracting many visitors.


While multiculturalism in Paris is a bonus for the City itself, anyone who decides to study or work in France can benefit from it.


The French like to discover the wealth and cultures of foreign countries. Studying in France also means delving into a new culture and discovering Europe. You can discover many cities while discovering Europe – Paris has many stations from which you can reach different countries (Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Italy...).