Our History



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1949 : Foundation of ESLSCA Business School Paris

ESLSCA emerged as the first independent business school, breaking away from the traditional framework of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 

Introduction d'un programme académique de 3 ans

1954 : Introduction of a 3-year academic program

This founding step redefined educational standards, offering an immersive learning experience combining intellectual rigor and professional practice. 

Photos de deux étudiantes : Obtention de la reconnaissance officielle de l'Etat

1971 : Official State Recognition

As a testament to the lasting impact and contribution to education, this recognition underlines the school commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Créations de départements spécialisés

1972 : Creation of specialised departments

ESLSCA has expanded its scope by training versatile and competent minds in key areas such as economics, international affairs, finance, accounting, marketing, law, statistics general policy. 

Deux hommes se serrant la main : Premiers accords de double diplôme et initiation de partenariats

1979 : First double degree agreements and initiation of partnerships

ESLSCA has established innovative partnerships by establishing dual degree agreements with American, Canadian and Japanese universities, reinforcing its commitment to international and diverse education. 


1982 : Creation of the IFAM (French-American Institute of Management)

As a result of the know-how developed by the ESLSCA Business School, the IFAM has expanded the school’s international influence. 

Photo d'une salle de classe : Lancement des formations de 3ème cycles

1988 : Launch of Graduate-level training

A degree dedicated to academic excellence, specially designed for postgraduate students. These programs offer specialized training such as management, finance, marketing, and more. Designed with a practical and professional approach, our courses aim to make students quickly operational in their future career. 

Création de l'EGE_0

1997 : Creation of EGE "Ecole de Guerre Economique"

This marked the commencement of the 3rd cycle of Economic Intelligence, marked by the introduction of English programs in Paris, including the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and the MBA (Master of Business Administration). Concurrently, ongoing training courses in strategic management and economic intelligence (MSIE) were also launched. 

planeta formation logo

2016 : Acquisition of ESLSCA Business School Paris by Grupo Planeta

Attached to Planeta Formación y Universidades, it continues its development through its management autonomy within a determined strategic framework. 


Planeta Training and Universities develops projects each with its own positioning, specific vision within a defined strategic framework. 

Inauguration du nouveau campus de 8000m2-compressed

2019 : Inauguration of the new 8000m² campus

This is a space primarily designed for students. The campus is located in the heart of Paris, in the 19ᵉ arrondissement while offering more than 5000m2 of green spaces as well as: 

  • A large cafeteria with the possibility of eating from 8am to 4pm; 
  • Computer rooms equipped; 
  • An associative space for students (BDE, BDS, etc.); Group work rooms; 
  • Connected lounge areas and agora on all floors of the school; 
  • A trading room dedicated to MBA Trading students and equipped «Bloomberg» 


Retouche - 410 - Shooting ESLSCA - 27-compressed

2020 : Year of Transformation

Launch of ESLSCA Executive Education with more than 40 training courses for professionals in the Finance, Banking, Management sector of Weath.

Its purpose ? Focus on immersive training in the professional world in order to meet global needs and train the professions of tomorrow. Our programs aim to prepare students to excel in an interconnected, ever-changing environment. 

benoit aubert 2

2023 : Appointment of Benoit Aubert as Director of ESLSCA Business School Paris

Passionate about innovation and pedagogy, Benoit Aubert joined ESLSCA as managing director.  

“I'm delighted to be joining ESLSCA, a school with a rich history and an excellent reputation since it was founded in 1949. The ambitious development project, both in France and internationally, particularly in finance and data, is proving to be a particularly motivating challenge within Grupo Planeta.”