Teaching staff

Our faculty is know for its quality of its methodology. It combines conceptual training with practical experience in management. All our teachers reive a teaching approval by Paris Rectorate.


This two pedagogical methodology are marked by the value and the challenge to provide an unique, independent and a performance education.


Most of our teachers are American or English. Thanks to this, students learn with an international univers. Their education remains in a constant american culture.


Our faculty members are recognized by theirsprofessionals and their experience guarantees the quality of their teaching : 55% are professional consultants and 34% are doing research.





Mrs Martine ATTALI

MA Financial Engineering, Université Paris IX Dauphine – 1996
MA Marketing and International Trade, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - 1987
BA Marketing and International Trade, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - 1986
Teaching Area : Marketing, Brand Management


Mr Sergi BADIA

BA in Psychology, Barcelona University, Spain – 1995
Master of Psychology, Barcelona University, Spain – 1996
Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate, Barcelona University, Spain – 2003
Teaching Area : Spanish



MBA European University, Netherlands – 1998
BA Gilead School, New-York - 1992
Teaching Area : International Communication


Mrs. Marie-France DERHY

Doctorate in Methodology & Sociology (Cuma sum laude) Université de Nice, France – 1980
Master in Statistics & Operational Research, University of Essex, UK – 1976
BA in English, Université de Nice, France – 1976
MA in Sociology, Université de Nice, France – 1975
BA in Sociology, Université de Nice, France – 1974
Teaching Areas : Statistics, Quantitative Methods


Mr. Guillaume FINCK

EPTCE, Nantes – 1993
EJC, CCI Besançon – 1991
ICG, IFG Paris –2004
Teaching Areas : Macro-Micro Economics, World Economics, Business Intelligence


Mr. Bernard FEVRY

Chartered Accountant – 1981
MS in Finance, Université de Paris Dauphine, France – 1970
Engineering Degree from ESE, Paris, France – 1968
Teaching Areas : Accounting, Finance



Maîtrise FLE (French as a foreign language) with honors, Université d’Angers - 1998
Teaching Areas : French


Ms Alexandra JOSEPH

PhD Program in Strategy & Management, HEC
DEA Stategie Industrielle Paris I Sorbonne - 2004
ESC Lyon 2000
Teaching Area : Strategic Management


Mr. Jean-Pierre LALANNE

MA and PhD programmes, University of Manitoba, Canada - 1977
BA (Honours), University of Manitoba, Canada - 1974
Teaching Areas : Marketing, Consumer Behavior


Mr. Christoforos LAMBRIDIS

MA in Industrial Relations University of Warwick, UK – 1996
BSc in Business Administration American College, Greece – 1992
Teaching Areas : Management, Human Resources, Strategy



PhD Program in Strategy & Management, HEC
DEA Marketing & Stratégie, Université de Paris Dauphine - 2004
IESEG, Lille, France - 2003
Teaching Areas : Statistics, Quantitative Technics, Quantitative Analysis, Strategy


Mrs. Rany PATOUT

IEP Paris (Political Sciences School in Paris) – 1998
MA Manchester University, UK – 1974
Teaching Area : International Business


Mr. Olivier ROUX

IFM (Institut Français de la Mode) – 1989
ESC Poitiers - 1986
Teaching Areas : Brand Management, Luxury & Fashion Management


Mrs. Ami SALK

MBA University of Chicago – 1984
BA French and Economics University of Illinois – 1982
Teaching Area : English



MBA IEMI Paris and St Xavier University (Chicago), ITTC, Bombay (India) – 1991
BA English and Economics University of Nepal – 1988
Teaching Area : Total Quality Management


Mr. Christophe TUAILLON

PhD in Civil Law, Université de Paris XII, France – 2003
Masters in Business Law and European Law, Université de Paris XII, France – 1998
BA in Private Law and European Law, Université de Paris XII, France – 1997.
Teaching Area : Law