Global MBA

Initial training
From Bachelor's Degree
14 000€

Of Global MBA

The rigorous, full-time program leading to the GLOBAL MBA is designed to develop and expand students' capacity to analyze managerial problems and make intelligent and resourceful decisions.


Our Global MBA proposes an international perspective. The program has drawn on the excellence of the French educational traditions in Groupe ESLSCA's French divisions (ESLSCA Business School  is considered a Grande Ecole de Commerce) and has also integrated the best of business education in Europe, the USA and elsewhere in the world. The program constantly embraces the most relevant innovations and trends in business education and practice without submitting to management fads and fashions.


The language of instruction is English. For international students who do not speak French, a sequence of courses on French language and civilization is offered. International students are encouraged to achieve a level of language proficiency that will enable them to work in France, in other Francophone countries or to pursue employment opportunities in multinational corporations whose primary language of operation is French.



18th in the SMBG-Eduniversal ranking of the Best Masters, MS and MBA 2017 in the category "MBA Full-Time".



Our MBA encompasses management education as well as management development. Through the study of real world situations, students acquire both breadth and depth of knowledge and skills appropriate for general management. The program offers a balance between theory and practice, the quantitative and qualitative perspectives, and the economic and social responsibilities of business leadership.



The GLOBAL MBA is designed for all individuals with strong leadership potential, regardless of their academic and professional backgrounds. Business or economics majors with work experience in financial markets can benefit from the program as much as liberal arts graduates or engineers and medical doctors seeking a career change or gaining complementary skills.



The GLOBAL MBA curriculum has four main components: the core courses, elective courses, personal development courses, and the master's project.


  1. The MBA core consists of the foundation courses in the major functional areas of business such as accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, and economics. The core courses allow students to develop solid analytical abilities. Students also establish collaborative work skills, team-building skills and acquire an understanding of the global marketplace.

  2. The elective courses serve to let students further integrate the knowledge and skills learned in core courses. Electives make the curriculum flexible and enable students to explore different academic options. Our MBA students are not expected to declare a major or concentration such as in finance or in marketing. They can select their electives based on their areas of interest and their professional and personal goals. The content of both core and elective courses is revised constantly to reflect changes in both the business world and in academic research.

  3. Recognizing that competence in several languages is an essential skill for managers who aim at reaching top positions in international business, and that leaders increasingly must draw upon a range of skills that do not fit entirely into any one functional area, the MBA offers a full menu of skills courses called International Management Development (IMD).

  4. In addition to a solid academic coursework, all students are required to undertake one master's project. Our MBA allows students the flexibility to choose from several options based on their professional and personal interests: a substantial research, an internship or a field-study work. These exercises enable students to either experience the organizational and competitive realities of real-world business or study a certain subject matter in depth.


Our MBA students are not expected to declare a major or concentration such as in Finance or in Marketing. They are rather encouraged to explore different academic options based on their their professional and personal goals by carefully selecting their elective courses.


The program, however, offers students who desire to specialize the option to choose one of the following study tracks: International Finance, International Marketing, Management of Innovation and Global Management. Students who select a study track may earn a certificate granted upon the completion of the requirements of the track. These certificates supplement the MBA degree and do not require additional fees as long as students do not extend the duration of their studies to obtain them.



The Global MBA offers a balance between theory and practice. The program favors the study of real world situations to allow students to develop their decision-making and analytical skills.


Most faculty members use the case study method. Typically, a case study presents an individual - usually a manager - with a real decision to make, background information on the organization and its environment. Students are expected to identify the key issues in the case, use the knowledge earned in the course to evaluate different options, make a reasonable decision and recommend a clear plan of action.


While the case method is widely used, most professors employ and combine various teaching methods such as role-playing, field trips, interactive discussions, lectures, oral presentations, and research projects.



Our faculty has the right blend of both academic and professional experience. They teach the fundamentals of business as well as the most current issues and trends. All have extensive international experience.

Directeur du Programme

Alexandra Joseph

    Expériences Académiques :

    • Diplômée d’un double diplôme en Marketing et Finance - l’ESC Lyon
    • Diplômée d’un DEA en stratégie Industrielle - Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne
    • Diplômée d’un Doctoraten stratégie des entreprises familiales - HEC Paris Ecole Doctorale


    Expériences Professionnelles :

    • Auditeur interne pour la Société Générale à New York
    • Consultante pour les grandes entreprises financières, telles que Banques Populaires, chez Accenture
    • Directrice de l’IFAM Business School

In International

Our Global MBA allows students to move forward in a successful management career and to be leaders in the complex and fast-paced business world by acting with determination, sound judgment, and integrity.

For Global MBA

The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the year: from January to December.
The selection is made on CV and questionnaire of candidature, followed by an interview.


Conditions of admission :

The Global MBA is open to students who hold a minimum of an undergraduate degree, a bachelor or the equivalent, from a recognized institution of higher education and a solid record of academic achievements on a consistent basis: We welcome applicants with diverse academic backgrounds including liberal arts, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering and law. Prior coursework in business administration, management or economics is not required for admission.