MBA SpécialiséLuxury Brand Management

Initial training
First level graduate degree or Higher
12 500€


The Luxury Management Program aims to all futur managers whom want to build a solid and successful career in the luxury industry. 

This comprehensive international program provides maximum exposure to the luxury industry. Every candidate is operational within days of onboarding its future  dream job.

Nothing better than to acquire this knowledge & skills right in the birthplace of luxury, Paris.


Exclusive Partnership  

ESLSCA Business School becomes partner with Rome Business School for its MBA Luxury Brand Management. A very exclusive partnership with only few places.

Students will do an academic exchange going to Rome business School for one semester. This year will be seperated in two parts : 1 semester in ESLSCA (Paris) and one semester in Rome

The Rome Business School’s program is focus on Fashion Management and will give our students a double diplomation with Italy.

There are only few places available


A 360° Learning Program :

- In-class learning : lectures, Case studies, Debates

- Practical experiences : Field visits (Retail, Fondation, Designers, Craftman workshop, Fairs ect.), Work Groups

- Insights from luxury experts : Guest speakers, Masterclasses, Q&As

- Continuous feedback and evaluation by MBA professors and companies' executives

All classes are taught in English by luxury professionnals.

Our students get insights from highly qualifed luxury specialists, which represents a great value for a career in a fast paced constantly evolving industry.

As a result of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and analyse the branding and brand management in luxury, based on markets, and customers’ profiles and culture
  • Analyse and create brand strategies and brand platforms for the luxury industry
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the luxury industry, with a focus on the French luxury industry, all sectors.
  • Build value on existing or develop new brands
  • Get to ascertain your future role in the luxury industry
  • Develop communication and distribution strategies for luxury brand names


Diploma Recognition:

This MBA prepares you to obtain the RNCP Title (code RNCP : 25512 - code NSF: 312m) "Négociateur d'Affaires Internationales" (International Affairs Negotiator Certificate) CO.




Program : 


Understanding the Luxury Culture : 

  • Holystic view of the industry - what is luxury
  • Industry dynamics and trends
  • Established players and new generation (Generation Y and luxury)
  • Deep down into the beauty industry (skin care, Indie brands)
  • Profile and behaviors of the luxury clients 
  • Case study and work groups (Store checks)


Creating value : 

  • From brand identity to Brand DNA (brand prism, brand identity, craftmanship)
  • How to turn a luxury brand into a success (anti-laws of luxury)
  • Store checks, store experience 
  • Brand loyalty, brand equity
  • Product innovation and design (workshop, product creation)
  • Luxury and sustainability (HSSE values, supply chain)
  • Case study and work groups (value of a brand, brand persona)
  • Visits of craftmanship (jewelry, leather goods, embroideries)


Brand Strategies : 

  • Brand positioning - concept, product innovation (brand authenticity, anatomy)
  • Brand platforms (promises and value proposition)
  • Brand manager role & responsibilities
  • Operationnal excellence / customer experience 
  • Social network strategies for luxury brands
  • Case study, Work groups (brand analysis)


Global Image and communication :

  • Online/ Offline communication / Omnichannel
  • Advertising strategies will not sell
  • Strategic use of social media 
  • Case study, Work groups, visit of a communication agency specialized in luxury


Luxury distribution at Digital Age :

  • Distribution channels, which strategies, business models
  • Exclusivity and visibility, omnichannel strategies (Physital)
  • Emerging markets VS Mature markets
  • e-commerce, data analytics
  • Demographic disruption, 
  • Case study, Work groups


Master project - Thesis (academic essay):

Work on a thesis statement, build on your thoughts and researches to develop and support your analysis.

You are coached along the way by school tutors and the program director.

Written submission and Oral defense in front of Jury members


Internship (min. 4 months, optional) :

Deep down the world of luxury, get some further corporate experience in luxury.





The ESLSCA Business School faculty reflects the quality of teaching and research, both nationally and internationally. Most professors are professional with an executive background in luxury. Some professors are researchers specialised in brand management.

   Director : Valérie Apicella-Magentie

  •    Valérie is a business professional with 20 years of experience in strategic   thinking,digital marketing and international business developement.
  •    She worked in multinationals, and start-ups and she truly has an entreprenerial spirit.
  •    She is bilingual and multi cultural. She holds Masters in International Trade from the   ESCE-INSEEC U and in Strategic Business Thinking from the London Business School.


Dear Students,


Welcome and thank you for your interest in our MBA specialised in Luxury brand management from the ESLSCA Business School. Our MBA combines academic excellence, opportunity and connections through the network of 15 000 alumni spread out worldwide. You will be hosted by the ESLSCA Business School, located in the heart of central Paris, in the 7th district close to the main luxury houses and headquarters.

This Luxury Management Program is for all futur managers whom want to build a solid and successful career in the luxury industry. Whether you are willing to specialise after your Master or changing sector, and looking for fast-tracking your career or excelling as an entrepreneur, our academically rigorous programme will enable you to take your career to the next level. This comprehensive international program provides maximum exposure to the luxury industry. Once graduated, you are operational within days of onboarding your future dream job. Nothing better than to acquire this knowledge & skills right in the birthplace of luxury, Paris. All classes are taught in English by luxury executive professionals. You will get insights from highly skilled luxury specialists, which represents a great value for a career in a fast paced constantly evolving industry.

When you embark into this course, you make a real difference to your career defining your next dream job and keys on how to get it. You will have the chance to be taught by professors with an executive background in the Luxury industry; a great mix between lectures and field visits; a truly interactive experience; amazing opportunities to visit workshops and discover craftsmanship made in France; and an international arena as the whole program is in English. You will get an indepth knowledge of the luxury culture, value creation through branding, brand strategies, image and communication, distribution and marketing at digital age, mature versus emerging markets. You will see the backstage of luxury visiting workshops and see craftmen at work, thus getting a full picture of their know-how and specific technics. The capstone project, a multifaceted assignment you will work on at the end of the academic program, will serve as a culminating academic and intellectual experience.


This program will gear you up to work in France and overseas for multinationals, family houses or to become an entrepreneur. Welcome!


Valérie Apicella

Program Director




With 15,000 graduates in a hundred countries, ESLSCA Business School has one of the largest and oldest networks among major business schools.


The Luxury brand management international MBA degree paves the way to unforeseen perspectives, in a very global and diverse environment.


When following this program, you may join as a Manager or a Director the following areas of activities depending on size of the company:

  • Brand & Communication,
  • Retail Network,
  • Marketing,
  • Digital Brand,
  • Product,
  • Travel Retail,
  • Entrepreneurship, etc.



The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the whole year: spanning from January to December.


The selection of candidates is performed by application file (CV and application question form) followed by an interview. 

The candidates should have a professional or academic (Master diploma) background

In the field of marketing and luxury. Candidates need to demonstrate a strong motivation for marketing, brand, luxury businesses.