MBA 2nd year Luxury and Fashion Management and Marketing

  • Initial or continuous training
  • 12500€
  • May and October
  • French and English


The MBA in Luxury and Fashion Management and Marketing is today, after 15 years of existence, known and recognized as one of the best ways to integrate the different luxury sectors.

Our program aims to provide our students with a balanced education between concepts, luxury and fashion management & marketing, personal development and intellectual openness. This program is aimed at future leaders in the world of luxury and fashion. Our lessons are built around fundamental and specialization courses.

During this 2nd year MBA, the student pursues his specialization in fashion and luxury. He analyzes packaging, merchandising, in-depth analysis of the Fashion, Cosmetics, Jewelry, watchmaking, fashion and collections sectors. He learns trademark law and Intellectual Property, anti-counterfeiting methods, studies the supply chain, deepens the meaning of Sustainable Development and CSR for luxury houses. He is trained in Design Thinking, "Capstone Project" methods, which he puts into practice by responding to a problem provided by established companies or Start-ups. The teams support their project in front of a jury made up of academic and professional members.

The student transforms his knowledge into skills and expertise in an internship of at least 6 months. He is working on a research thesis on a subject of fashion and luxury.

A 3-day study trip to Italy is also on the program, in order to discover Italian artisans and Made in Italy (a benchmark in fashion).
Finally, in the second semester, we offer an exchange program with our partner Rome Business School in order to study "Fashion Design Management" (100% in English).

The MBA Management and Marketing of Luxury and Fashion is THE transversal training that covers all areas of luxury and marketing.

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Dual degree eligibility conditions


  • English level: Score above 800 on the TOEIC / or Cambridge B2 equivalent, TOEFL, IELTS
  • Cover letter (demonstrate fashion and design appetites, multicultural environment, etc.),
  • General average of minimum 12/20 for the last diploma obtained.

Admission file

  • TOEIC results or Cambridge equivalent B2, TOEFL, IELTS
  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Diplomas
  • Last Gradebook
  • For foreign students: proof allowing studies in the countries of the European Union.

Pedagogical method

This program combines the transfer of skills, knowledge and learning reflection techniques to specialize in luxury. The fundamentals of business management, management and leadership are also taught in order to have a complete program.

Digital technologies are at the heart of the lessons. The training is taught with lessons but also practical case studies, classroom presentations and group discussions.

Important events

  • Study trip - 3 days to discover "crafts" and Made in Italy: Italy (Milan, Florence)
  • Creative Capstone Challenge - project to create a start-up, creating values using the Design Thinking method
  • Crisis management & e-reputation - practical case over two days
  • Visit of the Cellars in EPERNAY - Moêt et Chandon, Harvester Owner, Study of the economy of the Champagne sector, extends to the wines and spirits sector.
  • Guided case studies
  • Masterclass & guests - Sharing of experience of experts in the world of luxury (artistic director, marketing & communication director, expert professor of innovation and artificial intelligence, etc.)
  • Visits to specialized fairs and professional exhibitions (according to schedule)