ESLSCA Prof. Agnis Stibe Presents Scientific Instruments for Technology Design and Transformation



Recently, Prof. Dr. Agnis Stibe, director of ESLSCA's International MBA, presented research on "Social Influence Scale for Technology Design and Transformation" at the INTERACT conference 2019. The presented work extends previous scientific knowledge by providing novel research tools for further studies of social influence in designing technologies for transformation.


To help scholars and practitioners develop a deeper understanding of transformation, his co-work with Brian Cugelman ( presents a measurement instrument for evaluating susceptibility to seven social influence principles and a research model to approximate their impact on transformation design.


Organizations can now benefit from using the instrument, while designing innovations and interactions with their customers, employees, and partners. With a stronger understanding of what drives social influence among different individuals and populations, they will be empowered to create transforming technologies that lead to better performing businesses and happier lives.


Link to the video :

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