About us

In addition to its 70 years of experience and an international reputation in Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Auditing, ESLSCA Business School is also involved at the international level (this includes the establishment of associated centres abroad), fosters educational innovation, generates high-quality research and boasts an international network of alumni.


Another notch was added to the school’s belt in 2003 with the creation of the Economic Intelligence Department within the Grande Ecole Program. This new unit is the result of the expertise that has been acquired by ESLSCA Business School since 1997 through its “Ecole de Guerre Economique” postgraduate course, recognized as a leading course in France and mentioned by French MP CARAYON in his report to the First Minister on Economic Intelligence (June 2003).


A comprehensive and highly sought-after course  


An ESLSCA / IPSOS survey confirmed the following: companies want graduates with more professional skills and autonomy than ever before. To respond to this need, students must have completed numerous internships, master IT tools and be, at the very least, bilingual. Our training course has been accordingly tailored to meet this need. 30% of classes are given in English. Students must also undergo a compulsory semester abroad, studying or working.


ESLSCA Business School has a fair array of partner universities around the world. The learning exchange agreements it has put into place with them allows for English-speaking professors to visit the school. Finally, a very tight network of 12,000 alumni in 110 countries and very good relations with partner companies make it relatively easy to find an internship in France or abroad thanks to the 3,000 offers that the school receives every year.


Upon arrival at the school, students take an introductory seminar to organisations (IAO) in parallel to an introductory seminar to computer science management. During the IAO seminar, several ESLSCA Business School alumni from all sectors of the economic landscape come to share their professional experience. Finally, each student undergoes internships of different lengths of time: 2 months during the 1st year, 3 months at the end of the 2nd year, and, often, a part-time internship during the 3rd year, with a last internship opportunity from April to December, in order to support the students’ thesis projects. Although these internships often turn into career opportunities, ESLSCA Business School also organises a yearly Jobs Fair.

Finally, ESLSCA Business School offers postgraduate programs: Trading, Financial Engineering, Marketing, E-Business, Luxury Management, Economic Intelligence and an MBA. Graduate students also benefit from these postgraduate courses and research.



A rich curriculum


The so-called "Tronc Commun" (Core program) is spread over the three years of the course. Optional classes are also available in parallel to this program during the final year. The first two years of study constitute a first cycle of broad studies, while the third year constitutes a second cycle of studies, during which students can specialise in one of 6 majors here listed:


• Major in Marketing

• Major in International Management  

• Major in Expertise Control

• Major in Financial Markets

• Major in Corporate Finance

• Major in Economic Intelligence
• Major in Organisational Management and Consulting. 


Entrepreneurship is also at the heart of our teaching approach


As of the 1st year, students must submit a project to set up a business or take over an existing association within the school. The ESLSCA Business School Student Organisation is very active. Under the authority of a tutor, students must prepare a business plan, specify objectives and carry out this project in the 2nd year. This permanent coaching of students is possible thanks to the structure of the school that is maintained at a human scale.


High-performance means


The faculty at ESLCA Business School reflects the quality of teaching and research, both nationally and internationally. In addition to this state-of-the-art pedagogy, ESLSCA Business School gives its students the means to carry out their research, thanks to its Internet resources and teaching means.



The added value of life in Paris


The biggest companies are located in PARIS and the capital also offers all the means to perfect one’s general culture. Given its location, it comes as no surprise that the ESLSCA Business School gathers students of 50 different nationalities.