MBA Trading - Financial Markets

  • Initial or continuous training
  • 13500€
  • November 2024
  • English

Program description

The aim is to provide students with in-depth knowledge of international stock market and financial techniques. The 12-month course provides students with genuine professional training, using a trading room equipped with PRO REAL TIME FX workstations, one of the best financial platforms for technical analysis to be found in the trading rooms of the biggest banks in Paris and London. It covers foreign exchange, interest rates, equities/indices, commodities trading, oil, traditional and structured derivatives, credit and weather derivatives, quantitative and alternative management (hedge funds) and actuarial issues.

The trading room is also equipped with the BLOOMBERG Terminal, a global benchmark of excellence in the world of financial and commodity markets. This Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides the skills needed to work in all media and on all types of market. Its recruitment method, which is highly adapted to this unique professional environment, its style, the strength of its alumni network (2,390 in 2024) now present throughout the world, and its original teaching method (trading situation, risk management, test marathon) make it a benchmark for many traders, salespeople and brokers.

Why do the MBA in Trading and Market Finance?

Doing this Master of Business Administration (MBA) with ESLSCA means benefiting from the best professional lecturers to acquire the essential skills needed in a trading room. It is also offered on a sandwich course basis.

An MBA specialising in Trading carried out on a trading floor

ESLSCA provides candidates with a trading room equipped with professional workstations and an international reference terminal. This is the sine qua non for acquiring the skills needed to work on all types of markets around the world. This MBA is a benchmark in the professional world. What's more, it is backed up by an extensive alumni network. The Business School Paris uses an original teaching method to deliver this course, with trading situations, risk management and test marathons.

The best MBA in Trading and Market Finance

This MBA from ESLSCA is a course of excellence in which financial market professionals provide candidates with expert knowledge of international stock market and financial techniques, such as:

  • Learning to trade, manage risk and monitor markets;
  • Managing foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity trading issues, etc.
  • Dealing with compliance and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) mechanisms;
  • Be familiar with Big Data, R, Python and VBA.

Managers who complete this MBA acquire a culture of socially responsible enterprise, which is a major asset.

Doing the MBA in Trading and Market Finance with ESLSCA will give you the know-how and people skills you need to work in this unique sector.


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