Internships and alternating training

For more than 70 years, ESLSCA Business School Paris has trained more than 15,000 former students who now hold positions of responsibility both in France and abroad. They have obtained many advantages at ESLSCA: specialized programs, real openness to the international market, recognition of companies as well as courses leading to real qualification and professionalization. It is with this objective that ESLSCA has developed its programs around internships and work-study programs in order to provide its students with real professional experience.

Why do a work-study program at ESLSCA Business School Paris?

The work-study program allows you to benefit from unique professional experience during your studies and represents real added value to your profile. The ESLSCA Business School Paris is responsible for providing you with the best possible support in your research thanks to its large network of partners in order to find the work-study program that suits you best.

The work-study program also allows you to be recruited more quickly compared to students in initial training: in France, 70% of work-study students are hired within 7 months after obtaining their diploma. In fact, work-study training represents a real springboard for entering professional life: many host companies offer their apprentice to recruit him after his training.

Finally, doing work-study training remains a considerable financial advantage: your host company takes care of paying your tuition fees as well as paying you a monthly salary. In addition, becoming a work-study worker requires signing an employment contract with his employer and, in fact, grants the same benefits as any other employee of the company, unlike the status of trainee. The benefits of work-study programs can thus take the form of a thirteenth month, meal vouchers or even access to the company's mutual insurance company.

Rhythm of work-study training

The work-study rhythm is 2 days in school / 3 days in business. School holidays are counted as days in companies, but partials and other events are counted on the work-study calendar.

Types of work-study contracts

The professionalization contract:

  • Contract duration: between 6 months minimum and 24 months maximum.
  • Target audience: Students between 16 and 25 years old / Job seekers aged 26 and over.
  • Remuneration: between 55% and 100% of the minimum wage depending on age and level of education.
  • Features: training supported by the company + You keep your student status and keep the benefits of an employee.

The apprenticeship contract :

  • Contract duration: between 6 months minimum and 36 months maximum.
  • Target audience: Students aged 16 to 29. Exclusive to MBA 1 and 2 Finance students, and MBA 2 Trading.
  • Remuneration: between 55% and 100% of the minimum wage depending on age and level of education.
  • Features: training supported by the company + You are first and foremost an employee and not a student.
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The alternating internship contract

ESLSCA promotes the professional integration of its students through internships to be carried out during the year. They allow students to discover the professional side of their training, to enter the world of work and to discover a company.

  • Duration of the contract: between 6 months and 10 months in alternating rhythm.
  • Target audience: MBA students
  • Remuneration: the minimum amount of the 2019 internship bonus is set at 3.90 euros per hour.
  • Characteristics: you keep your student status +132 days maximum in a company.

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