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SLSCA Business School Paris can count on the strength of its network thanks to the Association of former students of the school

Alumni help animate the community of former graduates and students of ESLSCA Business School Paris and promote solidarity and the values ​​of the school while offering a wide range of tools and services for new graduates.

Currently, its role is defined on the accompaniment of its members on different points of their career, to facilitate contacts, to develop close links between graduates, students and teaching staff, to develop relations between alumni, '' support students from their first internship to entry into working life and to develop a strong sense of belonging.

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The stakes of this association are important

  • Work to defend the ESLSCA Business School Paris diploma and broaden its recognition with national and international institutions
  • Create a network allowing the development of projects both on a professional and human level. It also means facilitating contacts and developing close links between graduates.
  • Support students in their search for an internship / work-study program and in their entry into working life


The ESLSCA Business School Paris Alumni network now has more than 15,000 members in different countries. It is possible to participate in workshops and thematic conferences as well as to obtain interviews with consultants for the development of your career.

The association provides a CV library and job offers on the website. Numerous events are organized during the year with the support of numerous delegates and experts, allowing numerous professional exchanges.


To find out more, visit the ELSCA Business School Paris Alumni website.