5 reasons to choose ESLCSA

Studying at ESLSCA Business School Paris will let you enter the working world with the recognition of major companies, while providing you with a satisfying international experience thanks to a quality faculty. ESLSCA Business School Paris is a school that supports students in their entrepreneurial futures and offers students the opportunity to study in the very heart of Paris.








  • Corporate recognition with companies that support the ESLSCA Business School Paris educational project, delegate teachers, provide numerous internships and welcome graduates in the best conditions (the results of the 2016 Emolument survey still favour the ESLSCA Business School, ranking it among the top 10 European universities and schools with the highest paid graduates.


  • International: More than 50 nationalities are currently represented among ESLSCA Business School students who are members of AACSB, EFMD, CREPUQ and EDUNIVERSAL.


  • Advanced teaching: ESLSCA Business School faculties reflect the quality of teaching and research, both nationally and internationally. In addition to this state-of-the-art pedagogy, the ESLSCA Business School equips students with the means to carry out their research, thanks to its digital and educational means.


  • A taste for entrepreneurship: From the first year onwards, students must come up with and present a project to create a business or take over an existing association within the school. The ESLSCA Business School’s Student Organization is very active. Under the authority of a tutor, students must prepare a business plan, specify objectives and carry out this project during their 2nd year. This continuous coaching support given to students is made possible by the structure of the school which we strive to maintain on a human scale.


  • Its location: The largest companies are in Paris, and this capital also offers all the means to perfect one’s culture. If the ESLSCA Business School Paris has more than 50 different nationalities among its students, Paris probably has something to do with it.