International Programs

The International Programs of ESLSCA Business School welcome international students for two or three years of study leading to the ESLSCA MBA degree. Many students of the ESLSCA Business School carry out their third year in the US, after which they obtain an MBA degree in addition to the ESLSCA Business School degree.


  • Pôle MBA et Management

    • Corporate Finance MBA

      The course develops a theoretical framework for understanding and analysing major financial problems of modern firms in the market environment

      This course is designed to familiarize students with the principles of corporate finance.

      Corporate Finance is undergoing major changes dueRead more

    • International MBA

      Our International MBA program is a tailor-made program, combining a strong background in general business education with an in-depth understanding of the economic and cultural environment of selected regions of the world. Read more

    • Luxury Brand Management

      The Luxury Management Program aims to all futur managers whom want to build a solid and successful career in the luxury industry.  This comprehensive international program provides maximum exposure to the luxury industry. Every candidate is operational within days of onboarding its future  dreamRead more