SPECIALIZED MBATrading - Financial Markets

October / April
Initial training
4-year Undergraduate degree or Higher
12 500€


The MBA in Trading - Financial markets, 30 th promotion in 2017/2018, is now recognized and appreciated by financial market professionals (traders, sales, brokers, financial analysts, quants, structurers, risk managers...) as one of the best courses in the industry (front office jobs...).


It provides students with extensive knowledge of international stock and financial techniques. A genuinely professional curriculum is offered with the use of a trading room equipped with 16 PRO REALTIME FX stations; it is one of the best financial platforms for technical analysis in major trading rooms used by the largest banks in Paris and London. The course addresses problems relating to exchanges, rates, shares/indices, trading of commodities, oil, conventional and structured derivatives, credit or climate derivatives, management and alternative (hedge funds) and actuarial management. The trading room is also equipped with the BLOOMBERG Terminal, a global benchmark of excellence in the world of financial markets and commodities.

This specialized MBA therefore allows to obtain the skills needed to work on all supports and in all types of markets. Its recruitment process is adapted to this unique professional environment (Trading Room style interviews carried out in Market Banks and International Brokers). The strength of its alumni network (couting 1,462 in 2017) is now present across the world thanks to its original teaching method (Situational Trading, Risk Management, and exam marathon), which also makes it stand as one of the leading references for many Traders, Sellers & Brokers.


The courses are always perceived from the point of view of the Front, the Middle and Back Office. This is extremely important since the creation of the TRADING centre, as this educational philosophy is very present in the International Trading environment.



This course has been ranked by SMBG EDUNIVERSAL in the Financial Markets and Portfolio Management category as follows:

·         2nd in 2011, 2012 et 2013

·         3rd in 2008 et 2014

·         4th in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 et 2015

·         5th in 2003, 2004, 2016, 2017


Georges Castel, the programme director, received the award for Best Teacher for all training programmes in 2011 and 2012 at the Educational Trophies awards.



To provide students with extensive knowledge of international stock and financial techniques. A genuine understanding of financial markets is made possible with the use of a trading room equipped with 16 PRO REAL TIME FX stations (one of the best financial platforms for technical analysis found in the major trading rooms of the largest banks in Paris and London) and the BLOOMBERG terminal (global benchmark of excellence in the world of financial markets, and commodities).



The MBA in Trading - Financial Markets is primarily intended for engineers, Business School graduates, University M1 Finance, Economics, Management, Business Administration, Law graduates




For the MBA in Trading - Financial Markets

Module 1: Derivatives and Regulation

·         Financial Market Laws and Regulation

·         Traditional and Exotic Derivatives in Financial Risk Management

·         Credit Derivatives and Securitization

·         Economic Intelligence and Financial Ethics (in English)


Module 2: Structured Products and Alternative Management

·         Quantitative and Alternative Management

·         Structured products, equities, equity derivatives

·         Trading, stocks

·         Economic conditions: letter of contract (in English)


Module 3: Fundamental analysis and techniques, stocks, forex and rates

·         Technical analysis: course + tutorials using Traderforce – CAAM

·         Stock Financial analysis

·         Money markets, foreign exchange and derivatives markets

·         Management of interest rate positions, swaps and bonds


Module 4: Quants and IT

·         Fundamental actuarial mathematics

·         US Markets and CFA Preparation (in English)

·         European equity markets (in English)

·         Financial Informatics


Module 5: Finance Wholesale Trading and Asset Management


Finance International Wholesale Trading:

·         Climatic derivatives

·         Oil wholesale trading

·         International commodity wholesale trading (in English)


Asset Management:

·         Risk Management  

·         Alternative Investments, Hedge Funds

·         Bond markets in depth (in English)


Module 6: Postgraduate dissertation

·         Written report + Plea



The MBA in Trading - Market Finance has been designed with a very operational angle, to learn how to negotiate, manage risk and monitor market operations, both from the perspective of traders, sales, brokers, fund managers, quants, structurers, asset/liability managers and financial risks managers.



ALL Options, Amundi, Aurel Leven BGC, AXA IM, Banco BBVA, BAREP, Bloomberg, BNP Paribas, Brodeur Corblet, Bull Moose Derivatives, Caisse des Dépôts, CALYON, CARGILL, CIC, Commerzbank, Compagnie 1818, Cantor Fitzgerald, Day by Day, EDF & Man, FXCM, GFI, IG Markets, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan, Krechendo Trading, KYTE Market Securities, LCL, LME, MAN Financial, Morgan Stanley, NATIXIS, Merril Lynch, OPTIVER REUTERS, Saxo Banque, SOCIETE GENERALE CIB, Soufflet, SUCDEN, Tradition SA, UBS




Program's director

Georges Castel

    •  Director of the Trading Center

    •  Previously: ‘Sucres & Denrées’ at Worms Bank

    •  Former Options Trader for 15 years

    •  Maurice VARSANO Thesis Award in 1987

    •  Awarded by the CCIParis, with Prof. Marc BERTONECHE

    •  Finance Professor at Harvard Business School

    •  Jury President: Yves SIMON, University of Paris Dauphine

MBA in Trading and Finance

The MBA in Trading - Finance Market offers many opportunities:

Traders & Sales Cash & Derivatives, Forex, Rates, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Structurers, Quants, Risk Managers, Brokers, Buy/Sell Side, International Trading, Shipping, Corporate Treasury, Compliance and Control, Middle Office, Liability Asset Manager, Financial Analyst.


The 1,462 alumni (promotions 1989 to 2017) are present in London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Luxembourg, Geneva, Lausanne, Montreal, Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Madrid, Oslo, Tel Aviv, Jeddah, Bahrain and Dubai.



Charles VALLE, class of 1995

“After I left the trading course - Financial Markets in 1995, I worked at Paribas Capital Markets in London in the front office as a junior emerging markets trader. I then left for Crédit Suisse, first in Boston, then in London – still as an options trader. The figures I had reached were highlighted in the market and I was “hunted” in 1998 to work in New York, at Dresdner Bank, as a senior trader for emerging markets until 2000. At that time, I was contacted by WestLB to become director of the Asia-Pacific emerging markets branch. Since 2003, I have been Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers in Tokyo. I have now become CEO of Trading in the Nomura Singapore bank, which has bought Lehman Brothers. It is thanks to the quality of education – both academic and professional – of the Specialized MBA in Trading-Market Finance at ESLSCA that I was able to build this career. Many teachers are senior traders or market activity directors, actively engaged with their profession, allowing us to make many contacts in the trading rooms in major financial centers, both in Paris and abroad.”


·         Margot VIRE, class of 2016, Equity Capital Market Origination HSBC Global Banking & Markets, Paris

·         Audrey SOPHIE, class of 2016, Gas & Power Market Analyst, NOVAWATT, Paris

·         Grégoire SCHAFFAR, class of 2016, Settlement Officer, CREDIT AGRICOLE CIB, Paris

·         Mialy RATSIMBAZAFY, class of 2016, Stock Assistant Manager, EOS Asset Management, Tokyo

·         Yara MOUALLA, class of 2016, Derivative Shares Sales, BNP Paribas, Dubai

·         Gérard Miedziński, promo 2016, Rates Sales Assistant, CREDIT AGRICOLE, New York

·         Alexandre IONESCU, class of 2016, Index Trader, GHK International Trading Limited, London

·         Richard Franck CUNY, class of 2016, Investment StratEgy Officer, BGL BNP PARIBAS, Luxembourg

·         Guillaume BOUCHEZ, class of 2016, Financial & Hedging Petroleum Analyst - TOTAL Geneva

·         Jérôme BLANCHET, class of 2016, Lawyer specialised in Derivative Products, KRAMER LEVIN NAFTALIS & FRANKEL LLP, Paris

·         Thibault BOUYAUD, class of 2015, Index Derivatives Broker, GFI Group, Paris

·         Jérôme CLUZEL, class of 2014, Cash Equity Sales, NATIXIS, Paris

·         Didier VERCELLIN, class of 2014, Index Derivatives Sales, PIPINDEX Capital Markets, London

·         Philippe GIUSTINIANI, class of 2014, Sales Actions, Edmond de Rothschild Bank Paris

·         Quentin DOULCET, class of 2013 Broker Equity Index Options NEWEDGE Paris

·         Stéphane DAHAN, class of 2013, EMIR Project Regulatory Department, Management consulting SOCIETE GENERALE CIB Paris

·         Nicolas CARIOU, class of 2012, Credit Derivatives Trader at SOCIETE GENERALE CIB London

·         Dylan CISSOU, class of 2011, Senior Analyst STANDARD & POORS

·         Maxime PANCA, class of 2009, Senior Broker Gas & Energy at TRADITION FINANCIAL Services

·         Christophe CORNAIRE, class of 1991, CEO of the STONEHENGE Investment Fund, London





The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the whole year: spanning from January to December.

The selection of candidates is performed by application file (CV and application question form) followed by an interview.


MBA in Financial Markets prerequisites:

·         3-year Undergraduate degree for a 2-year degree (for the first and second level Master’s programmes)

·         First level Master’s for a one-year degree (for the Master’s 2 programme)

·         Corporate executives are also welcome to apply