International MBAInternational MBA

October ans April
Initial training
From Bachelor's Degree
14 000€


Join the International Managerial Ecosystem


Our International MBA program is a tailor-made program, combining a strong background in general business education with an in-depth understanding of the economic and cultural environment of selected regions of the world.


Our student body is comprised of over 30 different nationalities. Our educational philosophy is based on developing in our students qualities and values such as tolerance, understanding, and a sense of freedom that leads them out of any narrowness and prejudice to a fuller awareness of themselves and the world.




  • Experience the theoretical and practical frameworks of Global Management

  • Become an expert in : Entrepreneurship & Innovation, International Marketing, Sustainable Development, International Management & Leadership, International Finance

  • Develop and enhance the soft skills of a future manager




First Year : Licence,  Bachelor, PGE 2ème Année (International Affairs Track), or equivalent - with or without work experience


Second year : BAC + 4 or equivalent with academic background in Business - with or without work experience






Of International MBA


Core Courses :

- Marketing Management  

- International Human Resources Management   

- Operations Management

- Managerial Accounting

- Management Economics

- Business Finance

- Maths for Business

- International Business Law

- Business Planning

- Fundamentals of Sustainable Development for Business

- Money and Banking


International Management Developement : 

- Creativity in managerial decisions

- Leadership

- Intercultural Communication

- Négotiation Workshop

- French as a Freign Language


1 semeter abroad : 

- With waived credits

- Possibility offered during the second semester (Feb– June)



Core Courses :

- Business Intelligence

- Ethics & CSR

- Quantitative Methodes

- Strategic Management

- Social Media Impact and Challenges

- International Trade

- International Consumer Behavior


International Management Dev :

- Public Speaking

- Written Communication Skills

- French as a Foreign Language


Area Study :

- 2 business courses + 1 field trip (seminar)


3 tracks : 

International Marketing : 4 courses of specialization

- Market Reasearch

- Marketing, Branding & Sustainability

- Public & Media Relations


International Management and leadership : 4 courses of specialization

- Leadership & Change Management

- International Strategic Alliances

- Innovation Management


Entrepreneuship and innovation : 4 courses of specialization

- The Perfect Business Model

- New Technology & Business

- Innovation Management





At the International MBA program of ESLSCA we take pride in the excellence of our international faculty members. Dedicated and highly qualified, our professors are committed to given individual guidance and attention.

In International

General knowledge of management, finance and marketing are thought to every student.


The alumni Network is present to help students find a job or an internship before even finishing their cursus.


The international MBA program can offer practical management training that can prepare students to work within a large or small international company.


They can work as : 

  • Financial Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Financial Controller
  • Product Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Human Ressources
  • Marketing Manager
  • Entrepreneur/Start-Up - Founder
  • Consultant
  • Corporate Finance


The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the whole year: spanning from January to December.

The selection of candidates is performed by application file (CV and application question form) followed by an interview.