Specialized MBAs

ESLSCA Business School’s specialized MBAs for students and business executives. The objective of the training is to equip participants with solid knowledge and skills in management, reinforced by a practical internship. You can start training in March or October (2 sessions per year).

These programs have been designed to reflect the European LMD repository to enable graduates to prepare in one or two years the specialized MBA of their choosing. The first year of the curriculum (M1) is a core of broad courses (10 classes) and one major course (five classes) to choose from, preparing for specialization during the second year (M2).


  • Marketing

  • Finance

    • Finance

      In a globalized environment where a profound change in the monetary and financial system is taking place, along with accelerated deregulation, the “financialization” of the economy and a greater integration of the industrial and financial activities have led to a thorough development of theRead more

    • Trading - Financial Markets

      The MBA in Trading - Financial markets, 30 th promotion in 2017/2018, is now recognized and appreciated by financial market professionals (traders, sales, brokers, financial analysts, quants, structurers, risk managers...) as one of the best courses in the industry (front office jobs...).

       Read more

    • Wealth Management

      The MBA Wealth Management is intended not only for students interested in the banking world, but also in sustainable customer relations. This training aims to provide them with a perfect mastery of financial management, real estate, insurance financing techniques, compliance,Read more

  • Management

    • International Business Law - Management and Finance

      The MBA in International Business Law - Management and Finance is intended not only for high-level jurists, but also to professionals who want to master the sophisticated legal issues of their industry.Read more

    • MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

      The share of online purchases, immediacy and instantaneousness has never been so strong, this is why the Supply Chain is part of a race against time. This specialized MBA reflects this economic evolution illustrated by the development of Amazon and their product distribution according to theseRead more