Student life





Associations and activities are opportunities run by and for students of ESLSCA Business School Paris, in the most varied array of fields. The different organized events reflect the dynamism and spirit of our business students.


BDE (Student Organization): the Student Organization organizes several events, including the onboarding weekend, during which the newcomers finally become “Eskasians” (French : Eskasiens). Thereafter, the Organization will allocate budgets between its different associations and, of course, organize the famous student parties.


The Economic Intelligence Gala: A unique and unmissable encounter for practitioners and students in economic intelligence. This event is organized annually by the elders of Ecole de Guerre Economique – the School of Economic Warfare (ESLSCA).


The “market room”, with computer stations and screens set up in real-time: the market room allows students in Trading/Financial Markets to learn and perfect the tools that will be theirs once they are hired. The Bloomberg license guarantees access to a multitude of real-time information and features, including the most basic to the most advanced financial products.