VAE : Validation of Acquired Experience

VAE: Validation of Acquired Experience

VAE enables you to obtain a diploma or qualification registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) without having to go back to school!

How does it work? By recognizing the candidate's professional and personal experience.

Why? To obtain state-recognized certification, to develop professionally...


What are the prerequisites?

VAE is open to anyone, regardless of age, nationality, level of training or status, as long as they can provide proof of at least one period of experience directly related to the certification in question, with no minimum duration.

Eligible experience :

  • All types of experience are taken into account as part of the process of validating acquired experience:
  • Professional, salaried, self-employed, volunteer and voluntary experience
  • Internship periods
  • Initial training periods
  • Continuing training periods

Diploma Recognition

School Diploma preparing for the "Expert in financial markets and instruments" professional certification, registered with the RNCP on 16/12/2019, under number 34338 for a duration of 5 years and issued by the Ecole supérieure libre des sciences commerciales appliquées".

RNCP Block 34338: Expert in financial markets and instruments

  • Monitor economic data and trade in major geopolitical zones, with a view to anticipating medium- and long-term economic trends.  
  • Interpret economic and geopolitical analyses. 
  • Study and understand the resulting discrepancies, so as to improve the quality of future forecasts after taking into account the errors observed. 

  • Maintain financial databases 
  • Extract different securities (equities - bonds - derivatives) in order to obtain the best possible performance from the portfolios under management 
  • Maintain financial databases 
  • Extract different securities (agricultural and energy commodities and currency markets) in order to obtain the best possible performance from the portfolios under management 
  • Establish and analyze trends in benchmark stock market indices in order to identify medium- and long-term financial market trends and assess the risks of different types of investment.
  • Support forecasts with statistical and probabilistic studies adapted to investment durations.  

  • Advise financial institutions, companies and government agencies on responsible and sustainable securities issuance, limiting the risks associated with investments in financial, currency and commodity markets.
  • Design structured products (financial products built from underlying financial assets and their derivatives) in compliance with the rules of financial ethics as instituted by the AMF, in order to optimize returns over time without exposing investors to uncontrollable risks.
  • Design and use mathematical risk assessment models applicable to the evolution of complex structured products and the corresponding financial markets. 

  • Design and use mathematical risk assessment models for investments or financing requirements on the financial markets
  • Advise financial institutions, companies and government departments on asset management, in line with financing requirements and planned investment durations.
  • Take positions on the securities, currency and commodities markets with a view to optimizing forward returns while limiting the risks resulting from market volatility and economic hazards. 
  • Set up hedges with firm and conditional commitment derivatives 
  • Ensure optimized and responsible management of corporate cash flow through reasoned short-term investments in financial markets, in compliance with financial legislation and stakeholder information obligations.
  • Designing mergers/acquisitions and disposals of unlisted companies, to optimize returns for shareholders.   

  • Ensure the compliance of procedures and positions taken on financial markets, in order to guarantee the security of transactions for all stakeholders.
  • Provide a platform for monitoring traders' positions on the trading floor, in order to assess traders' positions in real time and report any breaches of authorized limits.
  • Advise financial institutions and companies on the compliance of their financial procedures, with a view to maintaining the necessary level of confidence with international customers, as well as a favorable assessment by rating agencies. 

The VAE process

  • Contact our advisors via the contact form or at [email protected]


    • ID
    • Last diploma obtained
    • Accreditation booklet
    • Supporting evidence of experience
    • Enrolment in ESLSCA's VAE program to prepare for Livret 2.
    • Support begins as soon as the contract is signed.
  • Work on drafting the Livret 2, to demonstrate that you have acquired the skills required for the qualification and diploma in question.

    All support takes place on an individual basis with the VAE Referent, who is a professional in the sector and an experienced teacher.

    Interviews and methodological workshops are held remotely, to suit as many people as possible.

    Follow-up is based on a booklet that is filled in by the candidate and the referent throughout the support process.

  • Presentation of Booklet 2 to the VAE jury and discussion on the acquisition of target skills.

    The VAE jury can be held face-to-face or remotely. Adaptation depends on the candidate's needs and mobility.

    The aim of the oral examination is to present the skills set out in the reference framework to a panel of experts in the field.

    Results are sent no later than 1 month after the oral. 

  • Total :
    Graduation / qualification

    Partial :
    A certificate is awarded for each block of skills acquired, and a training program is proposed to acquire the remaining blocks.

To get started, click here to read the CERFA form you'll need to fill in to submit your application.


The cost of VAE coaching is €3,000.

VAE can be financed by :

  • your CPF
  • your employer through the OPCO
  • The Transition Pro scheme
  • Pole Emploi,...

Good to know : As a company, you are entitled to VAE leave!

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