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In addition to its 70 years of experience and an international reputation in Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Auditing, ESLSCA Business School is also involved at the international level (this includes the establishment of associated centres abroad), fosters educational...
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Our programs: Bachelor’s degrees, Specialized MBAs, Lifelong learning

Bachelor’s degrees

The Bachelor in Finance, the Bachelor in Business Administration (created in 1998), and the Bachelor Marketing are respectively accessible upon obtaining the baccalaureate, from a bac +1 and from a bac + 2.

Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor Marketing

Bachelor’s of Finance

Specialized MBAs

ESLSCA Business School’s specialized MBAs for students and business executives. The objective of the training is to equip participants with solid knowledge and skills in management, reinforced by a practical internship. You can start training in March or October (2 sessions per year).  

Digital Marketing and Innovation


International Business Law - Management and Finance

Lifelong learning

Faced with growing demand from partner companies, and based on alumni recommendations given the needs of their employees, ESLSCA Business School created its continuing education branch for executives in early 2005.


Join IFAM program seems to find the best way to meeting curent and future requirements of international issues. It will give you the best practices to manage somes situations that you need to answer. It is the research of excellence.

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