SPECIALIZED MBADigital Marketing and Innovation

Initial training
3-year Undergraduate degree or Higher
1st year: 12000€ / 2nd year: 12500€

Of the MBA in Digital Marketing & E-Business

The wealth of information available online and on mobile devices, along with the development of social networks and forums, have given power to increasingly demanding consumers. In a decade, we have seen the emergence of the smartphone, the tablet and other connected objects...

In this “New Economy”, the digital sphere has created new uses, clients are connected and mobility is part of their daily lives – they have an increasing expectation of immediacy.


Enterprises are forced to reconsider their modus operandi and to undertake their own digital revolution. Marketing, communication, sales, advertising, distribution, are all at the heart of this revolution and companies are forced to develop new strategies, innovate and transform their organizations.


Competition is exacerbated by digital marketing, in particular with the Uberisation syndrome. Today’s competitors are no longer the traditional ones, but rather the young and newcomers (UBER, SPACEX TESLA, GOOGLE ...).


Innovation and e-business play a major role in the strategy of successful companies. A recent study from Forrester shows that “Companies that foster creativity are 3.5 times more likely to increase their sales by at least 10% compared to competition.”

It is for these reasons that ESLSCA Paris Business School has created the MBA in Digital Marketing and E-Business program.



The MBA was awarded the Eduniversal-SMBG Innovation Prize in the 2017 ranking.



To ensure leadership positions, the graduate must master the digital transformation of traditional areas: e-Marketing, e-Commerce, e-CRM, e-communication, e-Advertising and new skills: innovation, mobility, big data, connected objects, start-up creation…



The Digital Marketing and E-Business MBA is designed for students with a general education, or a scientific, economic, legal, commercial or management background, who wish to deepen their knowledge or acquire transversal skills, as well as professionals with a few years of experience seeking a change in their career.



The MBA in Digital Marketing and E-Business program includes several modules:


Module 1: Digital Marketing Strategy

·         New Economy

·         Evolution of consumption (CX, Customer Journey...)

·         New channels (Multi-Channel/Omni-Channel)

·         Mobilty

·         Inbound Marketing Strategy

·         Brand Content Strategy


Module 2: Digital Platform Development

·         Website: Design, Referencing, Search (SEM and SEO)

·         social Media

·         Marketing campaigns

·         E-Communication

·         Online advertising, programmatic


Module 3: Sales mechanisms

·         E-Commerce Website

·         B2B/B2C/Marketplace

·         social Selling

·         Digital Store


Module 4: DATA

·         DMP Analytics

·         Measuring efficiency and optimisation

·         Appz


Sectoral Digital Marketing


Startups and Innovation


Course monitoring and Coaching



The company is at the heart of the training:

·         Close collaboration with companies leading the digital transformation

·         Courses carried out by operational specialists in their field

·         Partnerships with major digital players (SalesForce, Adobe, Soft Computing, Microsoft, Apple...)

·         Conferences with company testimonials

·         Start-up incubator visits




The faculty, which includes many practitioners, transmits its experience by offering many activities in small groups where students may apply their knowledge developed during the course.


Program’s director : Eric Mathez

Founder of E-M Consulting: digital strategy and digital learning consulting company


Eric worked for 18 years within the TF1 group, including 12 years at E-TF1, the digital subsidiary. He held various marketing and sales positions there, notably launching the Téléshopping.fr website and the tf1 conso.fr website.



A word from the program director:

Marketing is constantly revolutionizing and trying to innovate, hence the name marketing innovation, in order to find new techniques and strategies to attract consumers to a product or service and increase sales. It is not for nothing that the award for media innovation strategies is awarded every year to recognize the most creative and innovative company, but also the most daring;

Since few years, inbound marketing has been at the heart of companies' marketing strategy; this way of attracting consumers to a brand by interfering naturally in their purchasing journey, has benefited from the boom of social networks; at the same time, we are witnessing the emergence of data, personalization and the rise of marketing automation software and specific techniques, etc. In addition, new challenges around artificial intelligence, machine learning and voice commands are taking place in innovation marketing for more personalization and customer engagement.

Growth marketing, for its part, relies on the creativity of the marketer and digital innovations in order to seek short-term growth levers at lower cost. These growth hackings can be very varied and more or less sophisticated: SEO referencing, use of social networks, advertising campaigns, emailing, smsing, A / B testing, change of product design, UI / UX improvement, commercial techniques, data analysis, etc.

Even though Growth Marketing is often used short term for start-ups and SMEs, more and more large companies are choosing to employ continuous growth marketing along with other long-term strategies such as inbound marketing which relies more on a logic of sustainable growth over time via a lead maturation process;


In total, inbound marketing offers a targeted experience (appropriate content) at each stage of the customer experience; at the same time, growth marketing complements this strategy to boost growth in this same conversion tunnel in a business development approach.

Our MBA specialized over 2 academic years (MBA 1-2) defined in collaboration with professionals and experts in Digital Marketing is aimed at students wishing to embark on digital professions as well as professionals seeking to access management positions in this field.

It will allow you to acquire global skills in the digital and innovation marketing professions and specific skills in growth marketing (Growth special) on one hand, and Data marketing (data science, and data analysis) on the other hand.

Our program designed in line with the job market promotes interesting bridges between digital marketing and data professions according to each person's wishes, opportunities and professional projects.


The Specialized MBA in Growth Marketing at ESLSCA business school is:

  • A 360 ° education that combines the long-term strategy of inbound digital marketing with the short-term strategy of growth marketing
  • A resolutely Growth approach through skills in growth marketing and Business Development
  • A measured balance between innovation marketing and data (web development, data analysis and visualization, etc.) in order to be in line with the job market
  • A Hakathon-style course where experimentation and disruptive innovation are at the heart of teaching via tangible projects promoting innovation and collective intelligence (Test & Lean ideas, marketing campaigns, design thinking, etc.)
  • A course allowing maximum cross-functional employability in the current growth marketing professions and digital marketing professions in addition to recognized certifications (Google Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Power BI)


The Specialized MBA in Data Marketing at ESLSCA business school is:

  • A 360 ° education that combines strategic and operational skills in digital marketing and data
  • An approach based on the Eslsca method of the increased ethical manager 4.0 via skills in marketing and digital transformation and also professional skills and personal development (Soft Skills)
  • A measured balance between innovation marketing and data (web development, data analysis and visualization, etc.) in order to be in line with the job market
  • A course where experimentation and disruptive innovation are at the heart of teaching via tangible projects (Dataset, marketing campaigns, Hackathons, design thinking, etc.)
  • A program allowing maximum cross-functional employability in current Data and digital marketing professions and recognized certifications (Google Analytics and Power BI)


To cope with these changes, companies need new skills and rely on the training of young graduates.


Conventional jobs updated with new digital components:

·         Customer Service Assistant

·         Marketing Manager

·         Product manager

·         Marketing Project Manager

·         Communication Manager

·         CRM Manager

·         Loyalty Manager

·         Marketing Manager


New Digital jobs:

·         Website Development Project Manager

·         Chief Digital Officer

·         Community Manager

·         Digital Marketing Consultant

·         Digital Marketing

·         E-Commerce Manager

·         E-CRM Manager

·         Omnichannel Manager

·         SEM-SEO Consultant

·         Traffic Manager


The volume of job offers for executives on the Internet boomed in early 2016 (Commercial Marketing: 11%, R&D Innovation: 18%) (Source: APEC).




The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the whole year: spanning from January to December.

The selection of candidates is performed by application file (CV and application question form) followed by an interview.


MBA in Digital Marketing and E-Business prerequisites:

·         3-year Undergraduate degree for a 2-year degree (for the first and second level Master’s programs)

·         First level Master’s for a one-year degree (for the Master’s 2 program)

·         Corporate executives are also welcome to apply