SPECIALIZED MBAInternational Business Law - Management and Finance

Initial training
First level graduate degree or Higher
12 000€


The MBA in International Business Law - Management and Finance is intended not only for high-level jurists, but also to professionals who want to master the sophisticated legal issues of their industry. It gives them a perfect mastery of the issues of markets and companies. A decisive advantage in a market that is increasingly competitive and where both sectors remain closely linked.



Training is articulated around three professionalizing axes:

  • Legal risk within firms and markets;
  • Mastery of the fundamental disciplines of both sectors;
  • Implementation of strategic solutions that are more legally compliant.


That is why the course provides a cross-legal reading of these two sectors as one teaching unit: Law and finance on the one side; Law and management on the other. One teaching unit of personal development will accompany candidates alongside their other teaching units.



The MBA in International Business Law - Management and Finance was awarded the Eduniversal-SMBG Innovation Prize ranking in 2017.



The course aims to train lawyers and professionals combining not only legal and professional excellence, but also strategic management and operational intelligence for a successful career in France or abroad. Graduates of the programme will thus be trained in the management of international affairs in order to use it as a positioning tool in the markets to:

  • Inform the decision-making process of their clients or managers by controlling legal issues and taking into account the requirements or strategic annd operational opportunities;
  • Limit legal risks after their identification and quantification and come up with more appropriate solutions.

Lessons can be taught in French or English depending on course content and topics.



To qualify for the MBA in International Business Law - Management and Finance, you must hold or be in the last year of:

  • Master’s of Law: Private law (Section 01) | Public Law (Section 02)
  • Master’s in Management (section 06-05) Management and Economics
  • Business school (authorized to deliver Master’s degrees)
  • Degree from a Political Studies Institute
  • Professionals in management or finance seeking to validate their knolwedge, looking for a career change or seeking to specialize in law and management

Additional nominations may be retained upon a jury’s decision.



For the MBA in International Business Law - Management and Finance

The MBA is divided in two Teaching Units: international business law and finance, and management of international affairs.



  • Financial Market Law and Regulation
  • Credit institutions and investment service provider law
  • M&A and Public Offerings
  • Market ethics
  • Governance, organization and supervision of banks
  • Compliance
  • Anglo-Saxon Business Law
  • Financial analysis and legal risks
  • Financial Services Marketing



  • Corporate French and European Law practices
  • Collective procedures and failures of credit institutions and multinationals
  • National and international security law
  • Labor law litigation
  • European and international tax law
  • Intellectual property and French and international trademarks law
  • Competition and merger law
  • Public Business Law
  • Business valuation
  • Financial Accounting
  • Legal, fiscal and social auditing
  • Project management



The course is based on an active participation of candidates at any event organized by the teaching staff and school. This active participation begins from the very classroom, with a reverse pedagogy whereby candidates should limit themselves to writing down the content of courses and lessons, but are also required to prepare and animate projects under management supervision and teacher assessments.


The course can then connect with different collaborating partners directly involved in the recruitment process and in the training of candidates. It can also set up a number of events around the course. It is basically:


Law schools: The International Business Law MBA - Management and Finance allows student lawyers to validate their Individual Learning Project (IPP in French). which is worth 6 months of training. This project aims to bring together student lawyers and to test their skills for the professional economic and legal worlds.


Forums and fairs: To promote the program, staff and students are encouraged to participate in various events and exhibitions involving the school and the training it delivers.


Seminars: The course combines law and management of international business and finance. Corporate and market jobs inevitably complement each other. The combined opinion of professionals on topical issues will take a turn that is not necessarily mainstream. Students are required to present their thoughts on a topical issue. This backgrounds. These events ensure that meetings between professionals will present opportunities for students who actively participate in the organization of such events.


Conferences and witnesses: Witness conferences are organized either by the students or by the teaching staff. The opportunity for students to draw on the experience of distinguished professionals, receive advice and possibly build relationships that will be useful to them. These interventions can take different forms: either a simple share of experience on a particular focal area, or as part of a conference around a current issue at the heart of the contributor’s profession.


Studying abroad: Studying abroad is a unique opportunity for students to go on the field and get familiar with the legal practices of other organizations in other countries. It is also a highlight of the year because it brings together students of the same promotion. The MBA in International Business Law - Management and Finance already enjoys this well established tradition at the school and participates in the annual spring trip organized for students in the trading cycle, but also in the organization of independent trips.


Legal Workshops: Data rooms, legal audits, financial simulations, introductions on various markets (regulated, Alternext, OTC...) and different projects are made available to students throughout their course and mainly during their project management module. Different stakeholders may support them. The students must gradually develop their project in a group throughout their course. The final presentation will be made at the end of the year, during a plea in front of an internal or external jury (See legal prize).


Contests and competitions: To increase the visibility of the course and students, to facilitate contact between students and French and international professionals, ESLSCA takes part in several renowned contests and competitions: the Jones Day Prize for the best business law buddy. Created in 2015, this award has become very popular with the participation of nearly 200 teams. The EY Lawyer Trophy for the best young tax advisor annually recognises the best student tax law specialists.


Professional assignment: This internship in a law firm, a company or a private or public institution lasts at least 3 months. Its objective is the concrete implementation of prior training. This is to provide precise answers to operational or strategic projects. This mission must lead to the creation of a report that the student must present after his experience.


Professional subjects: a professional subject is a task that involves study and research, the evaluation of which completes the MBA studying cycle. It allows to structure the student’s critical thinking ability by deepening the analysis of a business issue and to present it based on clear and accurate arguments. This reflection is associated with the report mentioned above on terms specified by the teaching staff.


Each student can be sponsored by a guardian appointed by the company or firm where he made his professional mission to whom he submits a research project. A teacher can be appointed to ensure the academic monitoring of research. Students benefit from coaching that is significantly greater than for a traditional internship. It is essential to ensure a high level of quality to the work. The best research can be distinguished by being published.


Legal Prize: One or more firms may be invited to attend (or participate as a jury member) to year-end pleas (workshops and professional subjects). Some of them can put up for a prize for selected work. The candidate may receive different rewards: internship in the given company, funding of a study abroad opportunity, publication of their work…



International Business Law






The faculty includes many practitioners and transmits its experience by offering many workshops in small groups where students may apply their knowledge developed during the course of their law and international business management degree.


Program's director

Moundir AKASBI

    • Business Lawyer at the Paris Bar

    • Doctorate of Law from Paris Assas University

    • Associate Conference Master at the University of Paris XIII

    • Head of Academic Learning at the Technological University Institute (IUT) of the University of Paris XIII

    • Head of Teaching at the Business Administration Institute (IAE) of Paris XII

    • Former consultant in the financial law office and legal affairs department in Bercy
    • Former Head of Bank Legal Services


    Works and Publications:

    • Interview in the Culture and Law magazine “Autour de la loi Macron, Avocat/Juristes: Les passerelles du droit”, February 2015.

    • “De l’obligation de formation à la présomption de connaissance: les professionnels des marchés ne peuvent plus se cacher !!!” Morroccan Business Law Review, March 2015.

    • “La société de refinancement de l’économie française et le refinancement des établissements de credit”, published in the Courrier Juridique des Finances et de l’Industrie (CJFI), October-December 2009, No. 58, page: 287

in Law, Management and Finance

Candidates of the MBA in International Business Law - Management and Finance are eligible to join the following organisations:

  • Law firms,
  • Banks: legal department, compliance department, litigation department
  • Specialized MBA
  • Investment service providers,
  • Tertiary service providers,
  • Legal departments of the private or public sector,
  • Consumer companies,
  • Automotive, naval or railway companies,
  • Tourism, hospitality and catering companies.


In order to consider the following career paths:

  • Financial law,
  • Bank law,
  • Financial engineering law,
  • Corporate law,
  • Contract law,
  • Intellectual property,
  • Private International Law,



The School offers the possibility, for all of its courses, to apply online throughout the whole year: spanning from January to December.

The selection of candidates is performed by application file (CV and application question form) followed by an interview.


MBA in International Business Law - Management and Finance prerequisites:

  • Hold a valid first level Master’s or to be completing a second level Master’s
  • Corporate executives are also welcome to apply